Our motto is Ride | Recognize | Respect

Ride:Ride | Recognize | Respect
All of us ride a cycle for different reasons, and occasionally for all of them at the same time. Riding a cycle is a fun, low-impact activity for people of all ages, whether you are riding to work, to school, for fun, or to travel to places in the world where only two wheels and a strong determination can take you. Riding liberates you from your cocoon; it sets you free – free to soar, free to fly, and free to explore. It burns more calories than driving a car and saves you fuel money. It improves your blood circulation, decreases stress, increases cardiovascular fitness; and strengthens your muscles and bones. Don’t think of cycling as a difficult sport practised only by the elite. Cycling is very simple to incorporate into your daily routine. Just ride to work, to school, to the shop, to the park or to a friend’s house. You may come up with a few reasons such as work schedule, traffic, sweat, not a seasoned rider, etc. for not riding. But at Bengaluru Cycling Club(BCC®), we give you thousands of reasons to ride. Not clear? Just hop on to your cycle and join one of our free weekend group rides to find out.

How often do you get acknowledged for your role and contribution in the society? As a cyclist, you learn to acknowledge another cyclist. You might not know who he or she is. A simple wave or nod as you pass each other, on the other hand, ignites the spark and establishes a connection. At Bengaluru Cycling Club(BCC®), we think that group rides bring aspiring cyclists, seasoned riders, and champions together, and that they help you learn, identify, and be attentive of your surroundings. When you learn to recognize your surroundings, you advocate and get engaged in environmentalism. When you learn to recognize each other, you recognize yourself. When you recognize yourself, you are on the path of self discovery. You recognize the health benefits, the positive impacts on the environment, the economical impacts of cycling and you start appreciating your experiences here and there regardless of how minor or significant they are. This leads to building an active community of cyclists who are capable of passing on a better earth to the next generation. Still unclear? Just hop on to your cycle and join one of our free weekend group rides to find out.

As the old English adage goes – “You have to give respect in order to get respect”. Respect is an important component of human socialisation. It is undeniably a valuable asset that must be safeguarded. Human survival depends on respectable behaviour. At Bengaluru Cycling Club(BCC®), we urge you to seek respect rather than attention, because respect lasts forever. We want you to create a riding community based on friendship, as friends intrinsically appreciate and respect one another. You will learn to respect yourself and others, big or small, as you master the intricacies of cycling and go from fun rides to endurance rides, riding politely and in style. We encourage you to express yourself constructively on cycling-related topics. We may disagree with you, but we will always listen to you. Our group has members ranging in age from their teens to their seventies. We all learn from one another when we respect one another. True athletes will show mutual respect for their teammates as well as their opponents. Are you prepared? Just hop on to your cycle and join one of our free weekend group rides to find out.
Content written by Satish

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