This, Premji is a passionate cyclist and explorer (Blog written by – VeloKofi Sai)

One look at Prem riding his Scott or his new baby; Merida Scultura; you know you are looking at a
man who means business; focussed and committed.

A complete man, like the Yester year’s Raymond ad, albeit for a plus size, he comes across as a full
package, a fine balance of sorts: quality family time, top notch networking with a large friend’s circle,
pursuing a wide variety of hobbies-trekking, cycling, adventure sports, ample fitness time, career
focussed and a foodie.

A friend at #velokofi, once mentioned, quite correctly; if a new guy wants to complete a BRM on
time; he/she should just tag along with Prem, he would have figured out the route, the food points,
the turns and all. None can doubt that and few can question the stats- 13000KMs so far, 40 -100KM
rides, two 300K BRMs, Five 200K BRMs– Old Jungle saying- Prem, actually knows every nook and
pothole on the Attibele -Hosur road. He has an answer for any questions on cycling, photography,
and places of interest on the south of Godavari.

Prem is into serious core strength and muscle mass building, having lost 40% of bad weight with long
distance cycling and custom fitness regime in the last 18 months. He is well on his way to give
serious competition to Nagarjuna and other Tollywood heroes.

His army of fans, that extends beyond #Velokofi, will vouch for his childlike enthusiasm and an
infectious zeal to do well at any level-a regular ride on a weekend or formal cycling event. #Velokofi
raises a toast to the East Godavari boy.