From a ‘Rock rider’ to a Rockstar – (Blog written by – VeloKofi Sai) —
RRR – Ramesh Raghu Reddy

FDFS: It was 21st of November 2020; morning around 7AM; winter was setting in and the Covid first wave was fading.  I met Raghu Reddy on one of the flyovers on OMR, towards Kolar.  He was riding alone and slow, perhaps waiting for other expected riders to join in.  He waved at me and I responded and asked, “Are you Raghu Reddy?” He said yes and then I mentioned that I heard many great stories about him from Prem, who is riding behind.  He responded to my compliment with a smile, a shy smile.  That was my first meeting.  At the end of the day, I was thankful to Prem for inviting me to join a ride to felicitate RR on completion of 20000 KM

All the glowing compliments and anecdotes from known and unknown people was just theory for me; till 5th of Dec; the KGF BRM, where he finished the 200K, when most of us were struggling after a relaxed lunch.  That was the day, when truth screamed out loud on to my face; That’s Raghu Reddy for you; a true-blue Rockstar. 

The stats-Interestingly, I found out that he started his cycling journey on a Btwin Rockrider and completed his first BRM; a 300k to Horsley hills; a journey that is continually growing and expanding; a 1200K BGB (Blr-Goa-Blr), numerous super-fast 200s, Half everesting at Yercaud in 11 hours flat and the Crème-de-la crème; a 600K Ultra spice ride in 27 hours

Not to forget around 161 -100Ks, included in the 36,000 KMs completed, so far.  Have seen him from a distance; stats do not tell the full story about the man. 

Cyclist and beyond – A proficient kabaddi player during his school and college days, along with proficiency in Volleyball; perhaps these two sports laid the foundation for the “RR” that we see today.  This fan of Shankar Nag and Chiranjeevi comes across as very gentle and humble; always willing to guide and motivate fellow cyclists.  Along with a couple of like-minded individuals, he spends substantial time on Bengaluru Cycling Club; a club that motivates, guides budding cyclists, and hopes to make namma Bengaluru, a cycle lovers paradise. 

Someday, I hope to catch up with him for a selfie; nah! I do not think I can ride along with him-that’s a distant hope ?