Dhananjaya Sir

Dhananjaya Sir –  (Blog written by – VeloKofi) – The manners are crisp and sharp, the attire is no frills and functional, impeccably punctual-the red colored cycle and a mischievous smile, does reveal a twinkle and daring.  We know, his days in the Indian Navy has had a significant impact on his personality and his cycling exploits; the last we know-21507 KM and counting and 8400KM so far in Calendar Year 2021.  Nah! this is not about mere numbers-for numbers and…

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Sunil Gopalachari

Sunil Gopalachari – (Blog written by – VeloKofi) – Having your best buddy riding along with you on long distances and also be your nutritionist is the best thing a cyclist can ask for and best is when that best buddy happens to be your spouse.  This was essence of our interview with Mythri and Sunil –  One is state-level badminton player proficient in Yoga and another one is a multitude of talent – triathlete, trekker, photographer, bird watcher, volunteer,…

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Stars on the Saddle – Prasad Sadashiva

Stars on the Saddle – Prasad Sadashiva (Blog written by – Sukumar Sundaram from VeloKofi) : A palette of pastel colors – that’s what comes to your mind when you learn about his achievements and quality. He is so simple, humble, grounded, and unassuming on his successes that you would want to give him a big hug, shake him by the shoulder and say, “Dude, please show off!! What you have done or achieved so far is not normal!”. You…

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Velo Kofi

Witty, Worldly and Wise (Blog written by – Velo Kofi) Sai, aka Kathi, aka Srini, aka Prasad, aka KSP, aka Kathrichetty Sai Srinivas Prasad, has a name that is as long as that of any Sri Lankan cricketer, but he is a hard core Indian by heart. Fluent in Bengali, Odiya, Telugu and a zillion other languages spoken along the East Coast of India, this Kharagpur ka launda is a bundle of knowledge, and is a delightful conversationalist across a…

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UltraSpice – Blog – Bengaluru Cycling Club

UltraSpice – Blog – Bengaluru Cycling Club (Blog Written by – Sunil gopalachari) —  Ultraspice 600KM Race – A Crew’s Perspective Trin Trin I got a call from Rahu Reddy who informed that they have decided to take part in Ultraspice 600Km supported endurance race. He was quite excited, first thing I checked with him was if the crew was finalized and if not I offered to be one of the crew and committed to be available for the Race.…

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My cycling experience – Girish Jain

My cycling experience – (Blog written by – Girish Jain) — Hello, I am Girish Jain I started cycling in May 2020 , I am actually a cricket player who played for the states and now playing for the company.  It was by chance I took a cycle first I took a battery cycle then I thought no use in riding a battery cycle,  then I bought a Fat bike marlin Thor, is started cycling for fun and then met…

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Meera Ramanarayanan – CYCLING JOURNEY

MY CYCLING JOURNEY (Blog written by – Meera Ramanarayanan) – It was when I used to commute to college that I found out my passion for cycling. Owing to work, responsibilities and other commitments, Icouldn’t persue my passion for cycling. However, in Nov. 2018, after a gap of over 30 years at the age of 51, I received motivation and encouragement from my daughter. I was back on the saddle and completed a 5 km ride within the vicinity of…

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My first BRM 200 experience

My first BRM 200 experience (Blog written by – Krishna Masur) — Greetings of the day. I am Krishna. I had started my cycling journey since last one year (BEFORE COVID PANDEMIC) and I usually go on small rides every weekend / weekdays whenever time permitted. In the beginning, I used to ride my first cycle Riverside 900. It was super hybrid bicycle. Then I upgraded to another advanced super road bicycle VIZ: VANRYSEL ULTRA 900 CF 105, purchased from…

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