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A Trip to Chikkatripati

Happy Team


Why Cycling?

Environment Benefits

Who would deny that cycling is the most sustainable way to travel. It helps in reducing air pollution and also helps in making the environment healthy. You don’t burn any non-renewable fuels as well. It also helps us save valuable green spaces from development. So take this step towards reducing your ecological footprint.

Health Benefits

We all know that your cycle runs on your fat and makes you fit. It is the best form of cardio workout. You burn close to 400 calories in an hour. It strengthens your lower body and is gentle on your back, hips, knees, and ankles. It improves your posture, aids in reducing your blood pressure, makes your muscles more robust and flexible. Cycling also has innumerable mental benefits. It lowers your stress levels and also makes you happy.

Ride | Recognize | Respect

All of us ride a cycle for different reasons, and occasionally for all of them at the same time. Riding
a cycle is a fun, low-impact activity for people of all ages, whether you are riding to work, to
school, for fun, or to travel to places in the world where only two wheels and a strong
determination can take you.
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“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride” – Eddy Merckx
BCC Mission

Fun Ride

New to cycling? Fun rides would be the best way to get the hang of it. It’s also suitable for those lazy weekends when getting out of bed is a struggle. These rides would be accompanied by a scrumptious breakfast and visit to scenic places in the neighbourhood.

Training Rides

These rides are for the ones who want to take it up a notch higher. We share all the tips and tricks with you. We will help you improve your cadence and your endurance. We will also teach you to maintain your hydration and nutrition, one of the critical factors that keep you going.

BCC Mission Statement

Bengaluru Cycling Club (BCC) is an all-inclusive, not-for-profit recreational cycling club. We encourage participation in group riding, promote education, safety, and public awareness in the sport of cycling through planned rides and other cycling-related activities.
We fully support and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle in our community while promoting cycling as an option and practical means of transportation.

What they say about BCC

Thank you for an amazing week of cycling we will never forget!  It far exceeded our expectations!  It was perfect and exactly what we were after.  A big thank you to you and the team! Overall we had a great time and we would recommend BCC to others. BCC offers a perfect blend of professional organization while maintaining a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere throughout the trip.

Ram Krishna

Thanks so much for an excellent trip. It was all (and more) that I had hoped for. BCC TEAM you are an excellent guide – very helpful and great at managing expectations. I think we were also fortunate to have such an excellent group. I would be pleased to help you spread the word about your company and the excellent experience you provide.
Thanks again – it was fabulous.

Ashok Pandey

Thank you for an amazing trip to Thali Village. We really enjoyed the riding. And a big thank to BCC TEAM for putting me on the step through long ride on bike. It was the best trip for me!

BCC TEAM are very knowledgeable about the area and enthusiastic about their bike tours.  The routes were all great and pretty tough.  We loved the more gradual climbs in particular!


About Bengaluru Cycling Club

Bengaluru Cycling Club is a registered association under Karnataka Act 1960 & Certified  by FIT INDIA ministry of youth Affairs & Sports.  It is an initiative by a few renowned cyclists from the city who have made their mark at prestigious events like The Ultra Spice and BRMs. They come from different professions like IT, Banking, etc. We also have some entrepreneurs on board.

The group started in 2020  with a focus to empower the building cyclists. We not only train them but also support them in any way we can. Our focus has always been on grooming them to help them achieve their dream.

That’s not all. We are also aiming at removing all the barriers a cycling enthusiast might face in their growth. We want to help them participate in district, state, national and international sports. We are looking forward to associating with various organisations that can help us support these athletes.

Bengaluru Cycling Club is an official group of cyclists getting together to share their love and passion for cycling

BCC is one of the leading biking club in Bangalore. All the club members passionate and professional riders.